For The Love Of Polka Dots


I love Polka Dots! I have this "thing" for Polka Dots. I can't really find anything NOT to like about this simple pattern and shape.  Something about Polka Dots is just...well... perfect! I love Polka Dots in my home, in my clothes, and pretty … [Continue reading...]

Coffee Filter Wreath In Turquoise


I have loved coffee filter wreaths and projects I have seen across blogland in the last year or so. I have been wanting to try my hand at one myself. Nester and Kimba from  Soft Place To Land gave great tutorials on making theirs. After seeing … [Continue reading...]

Would You Paint A Piano?

White Piano 4

Source: My Home Ideas I have been seeing a lot of painted pianos lately. Some I like and some not so much! But I found some fun and unique ideas around the web. I was brought up in a house where we never painted furniture. My mom was a firm … [Continue reading...]

How To Find Inspiration When Waiting


Sometimes it can get discouraging waiting to do projects if you just don't have the money or can't get to new things as quickly as you would like. I read many inspiring blogs and see people doing fantastic projects, and don't know how they do it … [Continue reading...]

Tips For Planning Your Next DIY Project {Are You Prepared?}


Are you planning a DIY Project? Since we are in the midst of many projects on our old farmhouse I thought I would share some tips that have helped us along the way. It can seem overwhelming to know how much money you are going to need.  When you … [Continue reading...]

My Bedroom Project In Turquoise

Bedroom collage

This weekend I was really busy cleaning out our bedroom. Since we had started our remodeling, our bedroom had become a place for storing loads of STUFF. Especially crates of paperwork. I completely decluttered and cleaned out our bedroom, to where I … [Continue reading...]