Beach Style Decorating Tips Anyone Can Do!

With summer right around the corner, we long for beautiful beach breezes and sand under our toes. We naturally want to change things in our home as the season echos a more relaxed and casual lifestyle.  I thought it would be fun to share some beach style decorating tips. Some of us don’t have the privilege of living by the sea, but we can create the desired look and feel by making some easy changes and quickly create this style in any room of our house.

beach style living room

  • Light and Breezy is the number one key to creating beach style. Keeping things simple and uncluttered is important here. Add beach and summer inspired accents through your pillows, throws, and rugs.  How about having light slipcovers on your furniture for the summer?
  • Keep things casual and comfortable. You don’t want anything too fussy when it comes to creating beach style.

decorating with shells

  • Collect shells, starfish, and sea treasures. If you don’t live in a coastal location, you can purchase bags of shells at your local craft store or many online sources. You can use shells to decorate mirrors, frames, candles and boxes.
  • Fill jars and glass containers with shells, pebbles, and sea glass. You can also create attractive displays with colored sands,and layer them.
  • Mason Jars with sand and a votive candle make a perfect cheap and easy beach accent. Then tie some shells around the neck of the jar. Voila!
  • Make candle arrangements using sea treasures. Make arrangements with sand, sea stars and floating candles.  You can also make candles and imbed shells and small sea stars into them, to make a wonderful beach decor accent.
  • Use shells to decorate your bathroom. The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to incorporate beach style. White spa towels in wickers baskets, and  how about a large shell as a soap dish? What could be easier?

beach inspired living room

  • Add shutters and louvered doors as decoration for the breezy cabana and beachy feel.
  • Decorate with artificial grasses and bamboo stalks, and place them in large vases. These can fill up a corner very nicely, and add that perfect beach style accent.
  • Use Beach glass and sea floats. Use beach glass in a variety of ways through out your home. You can purchase glass pebbles in bags at your local craft store, and use them in a variety of craft projects.
  • Add textured items. Everything from baskets, sisal rugs, bamboo items, woven blankets. Even woven blinds add that element of texture that is perfect for beach style decorating
  • Use wicker furniture to help create the fresh breezy feel that says “beach style”. You can purchase wicker furniture new or used.  If you’re a savvy shopper you can probably find some accents pieces at garage sales and flea markets. Then grab some spray paint and finish it off with a fun beach color!


nautical beach room

  • Go nautical! Nautical accents are going to be inspired by boat life.  Sometimes they take on the red, white, and blues color scheme, and are classic and fresh.  Decor accents you could use would be a ship’s wheel, beach art prints, anchors, boat shelves, rope designs, life preservers, and lighthouses.
  • Add sea inspired motifs on throw pillows, in decor accents, with rugs and throws.


turquoise kitchen

  • Add beach inspired color. Of course paint is the quickest and cheapest way to do this. If you don’t want to do something as bold as an entire kitchen island.  You can just paint an accent piece of furniture in this beautiful turquoise color. Add the color in home accents for the summer season.

bright beach outdoor room

  • Create a beach inspired outdoor space. A back porch or covered deck is a perfect place to add fun bright colors that welcome a relaxed and fun atmosphere for outdoor gatherings.

How about adding beach style somewhere in your home for this summer season?  It really is easy to create this popular and relaxed style that all can enjoy!

All photos courtesy of Southern Living

The Comfort Of Decorating With Books

Do you love decorating and home decor books as much as I do?

What do you do with inspiring and lovely coffee table books?  Do you keep them out or put them neatly on a shelf? Or not have them at all?

I do love purging and cleaning out things in my house.  However books are a love of mine, and one of the hardest things for me to part with.

  • Books inspire me.
  • Books provide comfort
  • Books offer a cozy and relaxing feel to any room
  • Books make a great decorating accent to any space

Some of these books I just can’t put on a shelf.

Oh yes, I have bookshelves, but if I have pretty books and ones that I love to pick up and thumb through I want them as part of my everyday living space.

Books are like old friends.  They just don’t lose their appeal for me.

What about you?

I know we are in the age of ebooks and digital downloads.  We love our Kindles and Nooks to read our latest novel.  Call me old fashioned, but there is something about looking through the pages of a book. The smell, the feel of the glossy pages, and the beautiful pictures.  Not to mention a jolt of inspiration now and again.



I love the way this casual stack of books sits atop my vintage wood stool.

I love the way books can become props and part of a decorating statement.

I love the way books can be a color accent and decorating element in a room.

Then,  I enjoy my stack of decorating magazines!  Yes I still buy them.  I love my latest Pottery Barn catalog and Flea Market Style.  I do purge out my magazines now and again.  I enjoy a fresh stack of magazines to fill up my vintage wire basket.  And the fun thing with magazines is they always add the latest seasonal color scheme to your room!


So if you ever wonder where I am when I am not blogging, and all my housework is done, and the kids are in bed.  The dishes are washed. You just might find me here curled up on my favorite love seat with my “comfort reads”.

Maybe you want to pull out some books, pile them up, add them as part of your decor.  They never lose their value and they make good company!





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